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November 2016

Virgin Holidays ‘SALE’ commercial shoot on Barbados beaches

Our colorful, vivid advertising video shoot on a Caribbean Island

I guess, everybody in the media business knows those productions that are starting like a little mouse-sized video shoot and then start growing and growing along the way. That can happen once the foreign team has arrived and director and clients see the wealth of beautiful locations and all the visual opportunities those places offer. Our ‘Caribbean International Production Service Company’ was contracted by Smuggler Production/London to organize the Virgin Holiday SALE commercial with 200, all locally casted talents – a mix of all ethnic groups and ages - and 50 local crew. Shoot locations were two beaches on the East and the West coast of Barbados. Two shoot days, and only 2 weeks of pre-production for locations, equipment, logistics, permits, customs, catering, casting, wardrobe and not to forget to organize and build all the props – all together was a bit of a challenge for a shoot on a small Caribbean island.

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