Contact us to estimate your production in Barbados or any Caribbean Island - film, video or stills.

We are a small company with great ideas and a tremendous working spirit.

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The Caribbean Int'l Photo and Film Production Service Corp
West Terrace Gardens
St. James, Barbados

Ellen Hoch-Kramer - Managing Director / Producer

The Caribbean Production Company for media productions on Caribbean Islands, registered 1998 in Barbados as "International Business Company"


Budgets, locations, pre-production service and full production support for any movie, commercial and stills production.

Luxury yacht habour Barbados

We are your reliable partner for productions in the Caribbean region.

We will discuss with you every detail of your planned Caribbean shooting.
With our professional network of local Caribbean crews, we'll organize anything that producers and agencies require once locations and budgets are confirmed. Film teams and photographers can focus on the creative part while we coordinate all the production details of your Caribbean shoot.
Over the years we have produced numerous TV commercials, feature films, television series, entertainment shows, music videos, documentaries and multi media productions on diverse islands in the Caribbean.

Photographic productions include advertising shoots, fashion catalog photography, fashion magazine editorials, beauty shootings, fashion accessory production, stock photography, architectural photography.
We provide a comprehensive production service on every Caribbean Island, we did intensive scouting throughout the Caribbean and we know our way around.

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