Beach location scouting for sea side locations in the Caribbean

Beaches - Anguilla, St. Martin, Dominica and all the way to Barbados and the Grenadines - a small selection of the best Caribbean beach locations

Beach and beach bar location library - a selection of Caribbean Island locations for photography and movie shootings

Beaches with turquoise crystal clear water are the perfect locations for film productions and photo shootings

  • long stretches of white beach
  • pink beach sand of coral stone
  • brown beach of volcanic sand
  • black beaches
  • beach with palm trees

No matter what beach location your creative concept requires, it does exist somewhere in the Caribbean - for free or for small location fees.
We will show you where to find it.

  • beaches with coconut trees
  • smooth sand dunes
  • deserted Islands
  • flat turquoise colored water
  • cliffs and high waves

Palm Beach

White palm beach French Antilles

Caribbean beach locations come in the variety of fine powdery white, crushed coral pink or black volcanic sand. Many beaches have lines of palm trees or they have coconut trees spread all over.
But also stony beaches and beach dunes with grass, like on the European Atlantic coast or in the Hamptons can be found on some islands.
Long rough stony beaches are mostly along the savage Atlantic coast. In Barbados for instance you wild find amazing huge rocks and caves - a dramatic location as used for the latest Avon TV commercial shoot.
The decision on which location in the Caribbean to set up camp is also decided on the other location requests for a particular shoot.

Beach Cove

Beach cove palm tree location Caribbean

Secluded beach cove locations with white, pink, brown and black sand as well as rocky cliffs are found on many of the Caribbean Islands.
We have scouted the most beautiful beaches throughout the Caribbean - quiet deserted sandy beaches or lively beaches with a long row of colorful beach bars and water sport huts along the shore.
Beach stretches, long and wide, or secluded beach coves, as well as rocky cliffs, very interesting looking immense stone formations and huge caves with sea pools can be found on Caribbean Islands. Some islands have even all of those locations.

Beach Stretch

White sand long beach stretch location tropics

Anguilla has beautiful long deserted powder white beach stretches on several locations across the island, and so have the beautiful small islands of the Grenadines.
Those white sandy or pink shell powdery Caribbean beaches are not only pleasing eclectic holiday travelers, but are attracting international photographers, film teams for commercial shoots, TV series and music videos alike.

As a contrast there are very interesting looking black sand beach locations on the islands of St. Vincent, Grenada, and Dominica and some other islands.
Fabulous beach locations are found on many different island locations throughout the Caribbean.

Beach Bar

Beach bar colorful wood St. Martin location

Colorful feet-in-the-sand beach bars - from chic to scruffy alike - are available on popular Orient Bay in St. Martin and on many other beaches along the island shores of Sint Maarten.
But the island also offers some hidden deserted beach locations that you wouldn't expect on an international playground like St. Martin.
Neighboring St. Barts is all about clean white and pink shell crushed beaches, turquoise waters with those hip luxury bistros.

Amazingly they have very interesting looking natural salt lake pond locations as well on their small island territory.

Caribbean beaches offer the perfect shoot locations for international TV commercial and fashion photography teams in search for that perfect blue sea and white sandy beach for advertising, magazine editorials, swimwear catalogues and casual summer collection shoots.

Palm trees on fine powder white beaches and beach rocks on crystal clear turquoise waters, flat like a mirror, are excellent conditions not only for scuba diving and snorkeling, but also for the photo productions for magazine editorials and fashion catalogues. The region boasts of a strong contrast in landscapes and each creative concept can be satisfied in one or the other Caribbean seaside location.

That special Caribbean light on a palm lined beach is the perfect location for the shoots of swim wear and advertising shoots that sell the exotic dream. Apart from serene beaches, there is the famous red Caribbean sun set over the vast horizon that can be found nowhere else in this intensity.

We have caught all that in pictures. After extensive beach location scouting in the entire seaside region of the Caribbean, we built up an extensive location archive for our location agency. Caribbean beach location scouting is like finding a paradise of clear blue water and white beaches and beach rocks in all sizes and sometimes amazing shapes and textures. The gorgeous coastlines of the coral stone islands are covered with powdery light sand, whereas the volcanic islands have darker to black sand, but they all have their own charm.