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In the Caribbean a swimming pool location and an infinity pool is usually build on a veranda and porch or a wooden deck overlooking the blue Caribbean sea or a tropical landscape. This is also an interesting location as film shoot location..

Swimming pool and Deck

Pool wooden deck palm tree location St. Barts

Most of the private swimming pools or hotel pools come in the colors of turquoise, light blue or dark blue tiles or they are painted in similar colors.
A fabulous dramatic visual effect offers the infinity pool as a shoot location. It is also called vanishing edge pool, because the water in the pool comes as high as the edge of the pool and it is over flowing it.
This gives the illusion of the pool extending into the horizon. The visual effect is even greater if the pool's location is on a rather elevated cliff overlooking the ocean. The water of the swimming pool seems to vanish into the sea and so the pool seems to become one with the ocean..

Natural Pool

Natural tropical swimming pool Caribbean

A very interesting location for picture and still shoots are the natural pools. They are embedded in a natural location like tropical gardens and exotic landscapes and look almost like a naturally developed part of the garden like a pond.
Available pools are either oval or round shaped, or they come in the typical popular 50'ies kidney form.
But with modern 'clean' architecture also becoming popular in the Caribbean region, the very graphical rectangular or square shaped pools are much in demand as film locations or for fashion editorials and fashion catalogues alike.

Veranda and Pool

Modern white Caribbean terrace on beach loction Anguilla

Veranda locations are of similar importance for fashion photo productions, music video productions and commercial film shoots on Caribbean Islands.
In modern Caribbean architecture they are whenever possible built in elevated locations to overlook the sea or a dramatic tropical landscape.
A nice effect have the weather beaten wooden planks, and natural stone floors, but also the marble tiles and mosaics for fashion shoots of chic clothes.
They come in various colors and in all kind of shapes and sizes in modern design or with tropical decor.

Pool infinity and Terrace

Infinity pool location on Caribbean cliff

Terrace and pool locations are very popular in the Caribbean and they come in a variety of different styles, colors and in various surroundings.
We advise to send a brief description of the shoot location that you are looking for before we will send selected pool and veranda images from our location archive.
In old Caribbean plantation houses verandas are usually built around the ground floor of the house.
They are not very wide, but give a great effect on photo fashion shoots, especially with the line of old wooden doors and shutters. They are also favorite locations for fashion photography and commercial film shoots.

For any film, video or photographic production that requests a pool as shoot location, there will be matching swimming pools available on almost every Caribbean Island.