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Caribbean Island sceneries - back drops for motion picture and stills productions

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On this web site we can only show a small selection of location images from our extensive location archive. But if you are looking for any kind of tropical film locations or a photo shoot location, please contact us, we will most likely have it in our digitalized location library.

Seaside Locations

Caribbean beach bar veranda location

The Caribbean are best known for the seaside locations with white, pink and black sand or crushed shell beaches, plain sand dunes or long beach stretches lined with coconut trees. Beach houses, middle class family homes as well as massive mansions and luxury villas are set along the Caribbean beaches

Rock and Cliff

Cliff coastline Caribbean Atlantic location

On the Atlantic coast of the Caribbean Islands is the dark blue Atlantic ocean with savage waves, that are much appreciated by local and international surfers. Along the coast are picturesque massive rocks or high cliffs with many interesting caves.

Mountain and Hill

Rolling hills photo shoot location St. Martin

The country side with rolling hills and high mountains or flat grassland overlooking the blue Caribbean sea is just as photogenic as the Caribbean beaches.
Manicured golf courses, polo fields and farms with old plantation houses are spread all over the island hills..

Jungle and Flower Garden

Tropical flower garden location Caribbean

Tropical jungles, colorful gardens with exotic flowers and trees, lily ponds, and natural parks as well as sugar cane fields are spread over most of the Caribbean Islands.
In between all these natural landscapes you will find the typical colorful Caribbean wood houses.

Location finder for locations in the Caribbean – plantation houses and colorful wood houses in Barbados, decor on French architecture in St. Martin, Martinique and Guadeloupe, modern mansions in St. Barts, rivers, waterfalls and jungles in Dominica and St. Lucia, white and black beaches and beautiful deserted islands in St. Vincent & the Grenadines and luxury resorts everywhere in the Caribbean for professional shoot productions of films, videos and photography.