Film equipment rental in the Caribbean - cameras, lights, grip for Caribbean Island film productions

Light, grip, camera equipment rental for TV production in the Caribbean "Over The Rainbow" shoot with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber in Barbados - Temple Rainbow Productions, LA and Toronto for CBC Canada

Digital HD video cameras, HMI lights, audio, grip and photo equipment for Caribbean film and photo shoots

By providing grip and light from local Caribbean sources,
we are able to reduce cargo and broker costs and eliminate the risk of air cargo delays during peak holiday seasons.

Filming of Canadian TV show with local equipment rented in Barbados

Whenever the Caribbean Production Service Company provides full production support for a shoot, then we organize grip, light, cameras and audio from local or international sources as part of our service. We are not a traditional rental house.
Film equipment, Red one camera (including accessories, lenses and filters) is available on some islands, as well as the newest Sony EX3 HD camera.
Sound equipment, HMI lights in various sizes, tripods, reflectors, dollies, cranes, mounts, 110-240 volt silenced generators, as well as most expendables can be provided locally. Photographic shoots can be supplied with flashlights, batteries, reflectors, stands.
TV commercial, motion picture, video and still productions in the Caribbean region have increased tremendously over the last few years and as a consequence, a whole new infrastructure for media productions has developed on Caribbean Islands.
Below is the basic list with Caribbean film and photo equipment, as well as Miami film rental house links.
Please contact us for special requests, as local equipment stock is continuously updated.

For transports of equipment to smaller islands we use local charter planes and ferries. We take care of cargo and customs.

Film, video and photo equipment – basic lists, contact us for additional equipment

Editing facilities, film production equipment, video equipment rentals, photographic equipment, Caribbean equipment logistics and customs services for the support of international film production companies and video crews on Caribbean Islands, provided by the "Caribbean Production Service Company"