Houses for photo shoots and as film location in the Caribbean

Beach house, plantation, golf course, race track, ruin, airport, sugar cane factory - typical Caribbean film & photo locations

Caribbean architecture varies slightly from island to island, but all islands offer a wide selection of locations with an exotic flavor.

Tropical Caribbean buildings are some of the favorite filming locations for productions on Caribbean Islands.

  • race tracks and horse stables
  • golf courses, soccer, tennis courts, polo fields and
  • olympic pools and fitness centers

Houses for photo shoots in the Caribbean exist in a great number. They are available in all shapes, sizes and styles: Island-typical colorful wood houses, numerous colonial mansions, plantation houses and contemporary homes, as well as luxury villas in modern design and traditional Caribbean architecture. Colorful market stands, hotel resorts and restaurants can be rented at all kind of budgets as shoot locations all over the Caribbean.

  • factories, offices
  • universities, churches, big and small airports
  • fabulous restaurants, hotels and shops...

Contemporary Caribbean house

Contemporary Caribbean house

Homes for film location in contemporary or traditional Caribbean style, wooden beach houses in bright or sun-faded colors, colorful market stands, colonial plantation and farm houses as well as modern villas, hotel resorts and restaurants are spread all over the Caribbean Islands - along beaches and on hills.

International production companies have booked many of those houses for movie, commercial and television series. Photographers have used these exotic and contemporary locations as houses for photo shoots on a regular base for photo fashion catalogues, advertising and editorial magazine productions.

The more developed Caribbean Islands have numerous industrial buildings - massive office buildings, factories, modern airports, huge sport stadiums, concert halls, universities, old churches and city locations.

Caribbean homes for film location are favorites for International production companies.

Colonial mansion

Colonial luxury mansion Caribbean film location

Depending on the natural foundation of the island, coral stone or volcanic stones are used for construction of the buildings.

Barbados for instance is a coral stone island where huge coral stone blocks are cut in quarries and used for government, industrial buildings and mansions alike.
But even the quarries itself are impressive huge back drops for productions with interesting stone textures.

For villa constructions, the coral stones are left untreated in their natural light coral stone color and rough texture. Over the years they darken and build up a natural weather beaten patina.

Often the typical luxury Caribbean style wooden houses are combined with coral stone structures, which is an interesting architectural effect.
Tropical houses as well as contemporary style locations are used on a regular base for photo fashion catalogues, advertising and editorial magazine productions and for movie, music video, tv commercials and television series.

Local Caribbean wood house

Local Caribbean wood house balcony photo location

Run down rum shops in a side street, impressive old government buildings or picturesque plantation houses with typical dark mahogany wooden veranda around are locations that are all in close range to each other, especially in Barbados.

The colorful Caribbean wood houses in their simple, but unique style are spread all over the islands between luxury mansions, near the jungle and open fields.

Tropical modern buildings, new factories and exclusive mansions had been rented on many islands as location by photographers and directors of commercial productions.

Those tropical locations for their film, video and photographic advertising or fashion productions.

From contemporary beach villas to the weather beaten wooden huts, modern office buildings and open air street cafes - almost any building and architecture style can be found in St. Martin/Sint Maarten.

Tropical modern architecture

Tropical modern mansion Caribbean filming location

Terrace and pool locations are very popular in the Caribbean and they come in a variety of different styles, colors and One of the favorite fashion shoot location, mostly for its numerous very modern, graphical villas spreading throughout the hills with huge pool decks hanging over the cliffs is St. Barts.
Modern designs often combining natural materials with glass and steel to create a light airy feel.

Anguilla is popular for its plain white, almost Greek looking villas on flat white beaches.

A wide variety of architectures are found St. Martin with its French and Dutch influences - from the modern (similar to St. Barts houses), to the typical French Caribbean houses with pretty colorful details.

Caribbean Islands provide a great choice of shoot locations - contemporary tropical and Mediterranean style mansions, colorful weathered wood houses and colonial homes - in the entire Caribbean region.

From colorful wooden houses with its charming patina to the tropical modern designs which often combine natural materials with glass and steel to create a light airy feel - on most of the Caribbean Islands all those different styles can be found.