Locations of fishing village, town and street location images for film productions and photography shoots

Street locations in a Caribbean town or village reflect old colonial and Caribbean architecture.

Fishing village, Caribbean town and streets with the feel of the tropics, for film, video and still productions.

Caribbean villages with colorful wooden houses, country roads lined with tropical flowers and streets with clean white mansions in luxury resorts serve as film locations and photo shoot locations.

Shooting locations for fashion photography and film location companies are Caribbean streets, villages, towns and cities.


Colourful Caribbean brick house street locations

Streets and villages of the former British dominated islands of Barbados or Antigua, the rather ‘strict’ Victorian architecture is still present at every corner.
The walls of the massive old government buildings, like in Barbados for instance, are of massive coral stone, which have a rough texture with natural patina.
Even the street location in luxury resort villages are lined by impressive privately owned luxury mansions behind the manicured lawns.
In Barbados many villas are constructed with the new, much brighter coral stone and they are often combined with cement and wooden structures in the typical style of classic Caribbean houses.

Towns and street location in St. Martin, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Cuba have a different fee – the houses, even in bigger cities reflect the love for details with the more playful architecture of the former French and Spanish colony.


Fishing village Caribbean location

The Caribbean fishing village with bright colored wooden houses and narrow streets along a busy beach is an attractive location for swim and casual wear catalogues. Colorful small rowing boats on the beach are an addition to the picturesque scene.

The Caribbean Islands of Anguilla, Barbados, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to name a few still have village locations with that romantic fishing village atmosphere and old fashioned towns with colorful wooden houses or chattel houses, as they are called locally.
Some in bright fresh paint, others in the Caribbean typical powdery faded, sun bleached colors This combination offers interesting backdrops for fashion shoots and commercial film productions alike.


Middle class Caribbean town street

There are many streets with the clean minimalist style of houses like in Holland and Sweden.

They are still very present on the formerly Dutch occupied island of Sint Maarten and on the formerly Swedish occupied island of St. Barts, which offers also the biggest selection of long streets lined with pretty wooden and stone buildings - all very well maintained.

St. Barts (or Saint Barthelemy) is now part of France and it is the wealthiest, cleanest and most modern of all Caribbean Islands. International fashion magazines and fashion brands come here to shoot their newest media campaign with the most famous top models.


Modern Caribbean city architecture location

On some of the Caribbean Islands with “bigger” cities, there are some modern high glass and steel structures spread amongst those typical Caribbean buildings.
Those are mostly new government and bank buildings that had been built since the islands independence. They are signs of the effort to become part of the modern industrial world.
They are used as locations that need a more modern backdrop, while other locations of the same production need the Caribbean feel.
Street locations, Caribbean village and towns are it a feature film, a music video, TV commercial shoot, television series or photographic shoot for the fashion and advertising industries.

The more playful architecture of the French and Spanish island locations with love for design detail are found in St. Martin, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Cuba.