March 1, 2014

Catalogue shoot for 'Fashion World'/UK on location in Barbados

German model Florinda Kuhl - always in a good mood on set

For many years “The Caribbean Production Service Company” is supporting the teams of one of Great Britain’s biggest fashion catalogue companies JD Williams during their Caribbean photo shoot productions.
In Barbados they do find the diversity of locations and the right light for the photography of their fashion collections.
It doesn’t matter if they are looking for the simple country style, the luxury resort feel, or just great white beaches, on the small island of Barbados, they  do find everything in close range.
Apart from that, the photo shoot teams love the peaceful Barbados lifestyle and the production friendly approach of the government agencies when it comes to permits and customs procedures. No hassle on arrival or during photo shoots, all is well prepared and things work out.
Professional crew and production supply and a big selection of props are another comforting aspect while shooting fashion or commercials in Barbados.
The JD Williams photo teams appreciate the upscale environment with great hotels, where they can have their 5.30am breakfast on time, and nice restaurants with international dishes after the days work is done.

Photo shoot beach Barbados Location Barbados fashion catalogue
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