Sep 20, 2013

Best street shooting locations for Spring casual fashion clothes collections

Picturesque street shooting locations for Spring/Summer fashion clothes collection

Photo shoots for the Spring 2014 fashion catalogue productions are in the planning soon. That's why we would like to introduce some extremely photogenic street shooting locations for casual wear. There are great streets almost everywhere, but finding them during the rainy and grey Fall and Winter weather in Europe and North America isn't that easy.
Rather safe sunny locations are the Caribbean islands. They are only a few hours away, and they have all the conveniences of comfortable hotels and good restaurants. The village and small town streets lined with colorful wood houses give any catalogue photo that irresistible fresh youthful touch. Click here to view street and village location samples.

Barbados village street in Six Men’s
Barbados village street
St. Barts street corner in Gustavia
St. Barts street corner
St. Martin town street in Marigot
St. Martin town street
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