September 7, 2016

French Caribbean – locations for Spring/Summer Productions

Shoot Locations with the French feel in St. Martin for fashion photo, film and video

Exciting landscapes with rolling hills, rough Atlantic cliffs and deserted small sandy islands around, but close to the Main Island, as well as playful architectural decor and luxury villas offer locations for almost any creative concept.
There are daily direct flights from Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta and almost all other Caribbean islands as well as cheap connecting flights from London, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal and many other cities.
This and the fact that the island is duty free and has a very relaxed import policy for equipment and wardrobe turned this place into one of the most desirable shoot locations for fashion photography, video, film and TV productions in a warm Winter region.
The Caribbean Islands are not only the closest Summer locations to North America and Europe for Spring and Summer shoots in the rainy and cold Fall and Winter months, they also have such a diverse feel that you will surely find what your Creative Director has in mind.

St. Martin hill landscape location
St. Martin white beach location
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