Tropical Caribbean Island locations – Piton and luxury “Sugar Beach Resort”

March 31, 2014

Location scouting St. Lucia - famous Piton Mountains

Tropical Caribbean Island locations – Piton and luxury “Sugar Beach Resort”

A recent scouting trip for a US production company brought me to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia again. I am always surprised to see the fabulous mix of architecture that is equally influenced by the former French, Spanish and English colonialists.
Its landscapes are very tropical with high mountains across the whole island. Roads are winding through the jungle and picturesque little villages, leading to small ports and beaches on a turquoise sea. That must have also attracted the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN producers who produced several of the movies on the shores of St. Lucia. “The Caribbean Production Service Company” was shooting here several times over the years for German TV series as well as UK commercials.
It is quite a long trip when coming from the small Caribbean airport in the North of the island, near the capital of Castries and going South were the most famous Caribbean mountains, the Pitons are. However, the streets were recently paved and are in good conditions. In order to shorten that trip there are water taxis as well that make it in half the time. International clients from the US, Canada and Europe arrive at the big international airport in the South, closer to the Pitons.
Some of the finest luxury resorts like the “Sugar Beach Resort”, is placed opposite the Pitons and offers a fantastic view from the swimming pool and most of the rooms. At the same time, the resort is on a sandy beach and has a jetty for motor yachts and sailing boats. The former plantation house and its villas are an elegant mix of old style and very modern, and definitively worth a visit.

Sugar beach resort St. Lucia Souffriere village
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