Film production services for movie, commercial and TV video productions in the Caribbean – work references

Rihanna nadia arujo lineisy montero
Interview shoot and Behind the Scenes shot Rihanna for Glamour magazine US Poetry Fashion video with Nadia Arujo Zara film Lineisy Montero

Film and video production references of the Caribbean production service company

From Left: Rihanna video for Conde Nast, “Poetry” Fashion video with Nadia Arujo, by David Oldham, Zara - Spring-Summer campaign, Director: Gordon von Steiner, Model: Lineisy Montero

Motion picture work samples of film productions and videos filmed on Caribbean Islands

Poetry Summer fashion shoot

POETRY fashion
Spring/Summer campaign
Production: The Production Factory/London
Art Director: Valerie Wickes
Video: David Oldham

Commercial DJI drone video caribbean

DJI - INSPIRE 2 drone
Episode 2 - Caribbean Thief
commercial shoot / image film
Production: The Caribbean Production (Barbados)
Producer: Roland Richter
DOP/Drone Operator: Ferdinand Wolf

Zara video production caribbean Gordon von Steiner

Spring/Summer campaign
Director: Gordon von Steiner
Production Design: Philipp Haemmerle

Virgin holidays sale commercial production

SALE - commercial production
Production: Smuggler
Director: Jamie Rafn
DOP: Brendan Galvin

Rihanna interview for US Glamour magazine in Barbados

Glamour US
Rihanna Interview and BTS
Production: Lisa Rechsteiner
for Conde Nast
DOP interview: Jake Thomas
DOP BTS: Evan Rogers

Hilton beach video production

image film
Production: Reel FX/US
Director: Steve Johnson

Garmin Vivofam soccer Caribbean

GARMIN Vivo family
TV commercial, multimedia,
Production: The Caribbean Production Company for Garmin US Producer Patti Padgett
Director/DOP: Scott Bosworth

Made in Chelsea tv show Barbados

Made in Chelsea
Reality TV show UK (Caribbean part)
Production: Monkeykingdom/UK
Producer: Derek Drennan
Director: Oli Tridgell

Wrap London fashion BTS production of photo shooting Caribbean

Summer campaign
Production: The Production
Creative Director/DOP:
Luca de Salvia

Digicel TV commercial production for Caribbean advertising market

TV commercial
Production: Piranha Bar/Ireland
Producer: Dave Burke
Director: Richard Chaney

BBCfour Documentary re-enactment for KEO north production, UK

The Century that wrote itself
TV documentary
Production: KEO north for BBCfour
Director: Claire Whalley
Producer: Justine Leahy

Kate Upton video Accessorize Spring Summer 2013 in Barbados Caribbean

Spring/Summer 2013,
Video + Stills Shoots
Production: Spring Studios
Creative Director: Robin Derrick

Rihanna video production advertising Barbados Tourist Board Caribbean

Rihanna Barbados
2013 BTA Campaign
Video+Stills Production:
Brooke Ludi+Production/LA

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber in Barbados for Over the Rainbow/Temple Rainbow Production for CBC Canada

Over the Rainbow
TV show - "Search for Dorothy"
with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Barbados Unit,
Temple Rainbow Productions,
Toronto for CBC Canada

TV Commercial Film Production Avon Cosmetics filmed in Caribbean

Avon Solutions - Cosmetics
TV Commercial Shoot
Production: Identity NY/USA
Director: Laurent Chanez

TV commercial shoot location St. Martin - Caribbean Production Service

Providence Bay Properties
Real Estate Lifestyle Shoot
TV Commercial + Stills
Wowwowtank/Hong Kong
Director: Tan Khiang

Network of experienced producers in the Caribbean assisting international movie directors, film production companies and video & film makers in realizing their creative goals.

Nestle Chocolate TV commercial filming in Barbados Starlite Productions

Margot Chocolate
Nestle TV Commercial
Production: Starlite
Production/Czech Republic
Director: Karel Janak

SKY TV Spots Sportsline

SKY TV Sportsline
Barbados Sponsor Spots
for Sky TV
Production: BSKYB/UK
Director: John Sunter

SKY1 Film Shots Sports TV Production

Barbados Sponsor Spots
for Sky1 TV
Production: BSKYB/UK
Director: John Sunter

Three Sheets US TV internet entertainment show filmed in Caribbean bar locations

Three Sheets
Entertainment Show
Production: Screaming
Fleas Production/USA
Director: Bert Klasey

Video TV Channel4 literature entertainment Mr. Pip-Caribbean Production

Mr. Pip
Literature Re-enactment
Richard & Judy's Book Club
Production: Cactus TV
Director: Duncan Barnes

Cliff Richard Interview Barbados for Movie Connections BBC1 Television entertainment show

Movie Connections
Cliff Richard interview
Production: BBC1/UK
Director: Brendan O'Hara

TV Documentary Film National Geographic Location Caribbean - Wicked Pirate City

Wicked Pirate City
National Geographic
Docu Re-enactment
Production: Wall-to-Wall/UK
& Yapsfilm/Canada
Director: Diene Petterle

NBC Television series documentary prdocution - Gwyneth Paltrow Caribbean Production Service Barbados-ShedMedia LA Shoot

Who do you think you are?
Gwyneth Paltrow
NBC - TV series
Production: ShedMedia LA/USA
Director: Elizabeth Dobson

TV spots BSKYB filming by The Caribbean Production Company Barbados-Twenty20 Cricket World Cup

TWENTY20 World Cup
short version
Sky TV Spot
Production: BSKYB
Directors: Jacques Salmon,
Ed Mallin

TV commercial shoot location St. Martin - Caribbean Production Service

TWENTY20 Cricket World
– long version
Sky TV Spot
Production: BSKYB
Directors: Jacques Salmon,
Ed Mallin

Vitamalt film TV commercial production location production service Caribbean

Vitamalt Drink
TV commercial/Denmark
Royal Unibrew
Production Manager: Ellen

BC Scotland TV production shoot in Caribbean advertising 2014 Commonwealth Games` type=`jpg

2014 Commonwealth Games
Scottish Sports Council
Short Film/UK
Production: BBC Scotland
Director: Michael Hines

Film producers, line producers and production managers from the Caribbean will be involved in the film production process from providing detailed film budgets to organizing and coordinating all production steps. We are suggesting and booking locations and equipment, negotiate comfortable accommodations, contracting crews and cast, obtaining permits, customs and talent releases, coordinate logistics and caterers, scouting props and building film sets. We provide a daily on-set-coordination that will assure a smooth film production process, until you are ready to leave with a great movie, television or commercial video product.

Documentary Video Re-enactment production Caribbean locations-Are Zombies real

Gibt es Zombies wirklich
Production: Story House
Dir. Carsten Gutschmidt

SKY SPORTS-Golf TV commercials production service by Caribbean Production Service company Barbados

TV Promotion
Production: Atomik Pictures/USA
Director: John Grint

Pirates Vacation German adventure movie filmed on Caribbean locations

Pirates Vacation
90 min movie/Germany
Production: Jumping Horsefilm
Director: Franziska Meyer-Price

TV commercial advertising production Caribbean Production Service SKY SPORTS-Rugby

TV Promotion
Production: Atomik Pictures/USA
Director: John Grint

Betrayal in Paradise movie production Caribbean Crews, Ums Paradies betrogen, Karibik Film Serviceproduktion

Betrayal in Paradise
Ums Paradies betrogen
2 x 90 min movie
Production: ndf/Germany
Director: Stefan Bartmann

Farin Urlaub Musik video clip Porzellan Karibik Serviceproduktion Caribbean Production Service

Music Video/Germany
Farin Urlaub
Production: QFilm Productions
Director: Norbert Heitker

BBC London, Jet Set, TV entertainment show film location Barbados` type=`jpg

BBC London Jet Set/ 2
National Lottery/
TV Short Film
Production: BBC London/UK
Director: Dany Fildes, Amanda Wood

Under white Sails, TV series Fruehlingsgefuehle Karibik Serviceproduktion, Television production Location Barbados

Under white Sails
60 min TV series
Production: Novafilm/Germany
Director: Erwin Keusch

BBC London, Jet Set TV show

BBC London Jet Set/ 1
National Lottery/
TV Short Film
Production: BBC London/UK
Directors: Guy Templeton,
Sarah Peel

Karibik TV spielfilm serie Under white Sails Produktionsservice Karibik

Under white Sails
Kompass der Liebe
60 min TV series
Production: Novafilm/Germany
Director: Bernhard Stephan

We have experienced local and international film production crew:
film location scout, production manager, line producer, fixer, production assistants to support international film producers and production companies when filming anywhere in the Caribbean.

No matter where the crews are coming from - we will be delivering all professional production resources and film equipment for filmmakers, agencies, television networks and production companies looking to film in the Caribbean.
Motion pictures to be filmed anywhere in the Caribbean are supported by the Caribbean film production service company from bases in Barbados and in French St. Martin. Be it a movie, a commercial, a feature film or music video, documentary, a TV series or a reality show, internet TV or multi media production, either large or small the "Caribbean Production Service Company" is your reliable production partner.
"Caribbean Production Services Company" providing Caribbean crews to support international producers and film production companies in the Caribbean when filming movies, TV commercials, music videos, documentaries, TV series, reality shows, internet TV and multi media productions.

Send us your treatment and we will provide a detailed, reliable film estimate.

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